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Summary An SCC Provider for Subversion
Category scm
License Apache License
Owner(s) cfoote
SVNScc is an SCC Provider that works with programs the use the MS Source Code Control API.


To provide an SCC compatible provider for Subversion.

The initial scope of SVNScc is to:

  • Get the basic SVN operations working. i.e. add, commit, propedit, diff
  • Work with MSVC 6.0 and VS.NET

There is the potential that the source for SVNScc could be made available as the NDA that MS requires for the SCC API documentation has not been signed.

Planned Features

  • Add options to subversion commands.
  • Enhanced diff support.
  • Reposity browser.
  • Perform subversion operations in a separate thread.
  • TortoiseSVN / RapidSVN integration.


15 Aug 2004 Version 0.1.0 of SVNScc released! Built against Subversion 1.0.6
Download it from the documents & files page.

Source code

SVNScc source is currently unavailable, as no public SVN repositry has been setup.

System Requirements

  • MSVC 6.0 or MS VS.NET

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